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NAND Storage


We are the world’s TOP Industrial Flash Storage and Memory Solution Provider for the Cybersecurity, Industrial, Medical, and Automotive applications
We Provide

Best Quality Service

Flexxon is 100% focused on developing products and solutions, which are customized to support various Industrial performance requirements for our customers.

WIDE Range of

Industrial Grade Products

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Flexxon has USB flash memory devices which have been designed to provide high-performance, low-power consumption and enhanced reliability along with greater durability to be used in industrial and personal applications

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Flexxon SD and Micro SD format of memory cards ensures the highest level of compatibility within the applications by the use of latest technology and advanced functionality.

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The PATA SSD is a premium NAND flash storage by Flexxon to serve the industrial application or embedded systems. It is a great solution for reliability that offers remarkable performance with enhanced durability.

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Flexxon SATA SSD has been implanted with the latest NAND technology to provide a competent and durable solution. The SATA II works best in low density embedded applications and SATA III is suitable to use in the latest applications.

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Flexxon offer multiple forms of eMMC storage solution with upgraded technical support, extended life, and stable roadmaps to meet the increasing necessity of compact embedded systems across CIMA industries.

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Flexxon has introduced PCIe NVMe SSD which has been designed for the latest, high performing, and optimized protocol. This high-speed expansion interface is eligible for the faster activity of applications.

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(WORM) SD and Micro SD Card​


Cost-Effective, Tamper-Proof Solution That Secures Your Data

Unalterable data storage

Prevent sensitive files from being deleted, modified or overwritten while still granting read-only access.

Default WORM Card mode

No software installation required for Flexxon WORM card.

Replaces Old Media

Old WORM media like CD-R/ DVD-R, optical disk, zip disk, and even WORM tape are no longer supported in daily devices.

Our Values

Constantly undergoing multiple rounds of product qualification and reliability tests, Flexxon aims to
only provide compatible and reliable industrial grade products and solutions to our CIMA customers worldwide.

Guaranteed LONG

Our business strategy is based on extending the longevity of the products by prolonging the NAND life cycle. We work with our customers to plan the allocation based on their demand forecast.

Strong Technical

Flexxon has a team highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the field of memory storage. We are always ready to support the customers when they need our assistance.


Most manufacturers are offering high capacity solutions. At Flexxon, we still offer low capacity and legacy products such PATA, SATA 2.0 or even eMMC 4.2 / 4.5 products that are hardly available in the market.


The industrial grade products also come in various densities, technologies and form factors. In fact, they are ideal for host devices that are sensitive to harsh environments and need to last for long.

Fixed BOM

Once our customers qualify the Fixed-BOM part, they can be certain to receive the exact product with the same controller, NAND flash and firmware every time they make purchase with Flexxon.


With a wide base of customers which requires the same memory parts and requirements, we have reallocated our manufacturing resources and engineering services to support HMLV across the globe.

Quality and Product Reliability Assurance

Full product qualification test, from component, system to production full reliability test, includes mechanical test,
environmental test, packaging and printing test

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